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Do you have the feeding OCD?

Do you have the feeding OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)?

All parents hope their child can sit beside the table quietly to eat a lot. They believe child can grow stronger and taller if they do so. However, child stay away when the time is for dinner in reality. You lured them to be beside the table finally,but they don't eat this and don't eat that. either they just have a few bites and then run away ,or only eat what they like.Adults always worry about children not getting enough to eat, not eating well,so they feed their
children by themselves. However, it doesn't works. children ran away and adults ran after their children to feed. For the amusement of children, they use toys, TV, iPad and cell phone. These parents may not expect children eat less and less, and they feed harder and harder.The reason of hard feeding is themselves. They have feeding OCD.

Do you have the feeding OCD?

Kids have their own growth rules.During their first year, the proliferation of weight is quick.The weight of first year can reach three times than birth , and then growth become slow. The weight of next year is four times than the weight at birth. Every healthy children have their own natural law.There are many factors that affect the child's height and weight.Some is related to diet and nutrition, and some is related to unchangeable genetic factors.Everyone is different. Some is above the average and some is below the average. Children deviate from the normal range Obviously should check with doctor and find the reason. If the growth is within the normal range, they are healthy. If parents don't know this point, they will be worried that their child eat too little and is malnutrition when the child grow slower or shorter than other children.They begin to feed their child. Adults can not accurately accurate how much the children can have. What their child like and what their child don't like. They feed them according to their preferences.Age two or three years old have a big bow of rice. If child refuse,they Spoon a spoon to mouth. Adults take almost one hour to feed. The less child eat, the more worried their parents. Parents couldn't help feeding their children. It cause more painful of child.It become a vicious circle.

Normal people can feel hungry. It's instinctive to have forage when people feel hungry.Only you offer enough food, they can feed by themselves. The less they eat, the earlier they will feel hungry. They may eat more at next time.In a rich material days, you don't need to worry healthy child wouldn't eat enough.

Children who start to learn eating by themselves may eat everywhere. They even drop the spoon on the floor. Kid like curiosity,so they good move even they are eating.The habit of eating changes a lot. It's impossible to choose well balanced diet like the adults.However , as the fine motor development and promotion of self management, they will become better. You just need to offer the healthy and reasonable food to them. You need to be good example for your child how to eat. As soon as they start to use the spoon, you can train them independent eating intentionally. To be patiently and give them more time,they can eat by themselves after your appropriate guidance.

Parents who have the feeding OCD always worry their child losing on the running line. They replace the work as soon as they are not satisfied with their child don't eat well as they wish. They don't respect their growth law. It will make the children lose their self-awareness and ability of eating.

Do you have the feeding OCD?

The feeding OCD will cause two problems. One is growth retardation because of resisting eat and another is obesity because of overfeeding. Parents will not only hurt
your child but also exhausting yourself.

Do you have the feeding OCD?

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