How to comfort your baby?
Whether or not we need to give the baby within 6 months adequate security? To go to hold her when she cried, or not to hold her immediately when she cried. The sense of security is very important to very children at any age. Crying is a important way for toddler. Not all crying, all can be satisfied
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Do you have the feeding OCD?
Do you have the feeding OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)? All parents hope their child can sit beside the table quietly to eat a lot. They believe child can grow stronger and taller if they do so. However, child stay away when the time is for dinner in reality. You lured them to be beside the tab
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2016 Lego Changes and Worth to buy
2016 Lego, the newest, the limited edition, Worth to buy Every Lego player includes both Lego fans and hardcore enthusiasts will do two things every year, focusing on the newest, the limited edition Lego products. The Lego fans is willing to buy the favorite limited edition Lego kit when release at
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How to help a postpartum depression MOM
Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression or the baby blues, is a type of clinical depression mostly occurs within the first 4 weeks after childbirth. It is easily happens especially that the first time new mothers. Symptoms of postpartum depression may include sadness, low energ
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Baby Allergies
What Is an Allergy? Medically,  an allergy is defined as follows: when the body's immune system is over reaction when the child has contact with air, water, or a substance that's usually, think appears allergic. The allergies are very common in the babies or children. And most of baby allergies com
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19 childetiquette before 9 years old
Most children who hasn't been in school are received with early education in order to not lose at the beginning of their life. Someone is sent to learn the painting, dancing to be more artistic, someone is sent to learn math and more language to be ready for admission. As a matter of fact, the real
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Baby needs iron supplements?
Whether and when a baby needs iron supplements? If the infant who is born with full term and healthily, and the baby is Breastfeeding or Formula feeding (take an example, the weight of baby is growing properly), then we will not need to feed them additional iron supplements before six months . If we
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What will you do if baby has Eczema?
What will you do if you find your baby has Eczema? As parent, we will become anxious if we see the baby has Eczema. Most of us want to know to treat baby very well as soon as possible. First of all, we need to know some basic information abut Baby Eczema. Eczema (also called Atopic dermatitis or Ato
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Add Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA or not
Add Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA or not Today, I read a post that introduce fish oils and other health products of a famous brand Nordic Naturals. This reminds me that it should be the time for adding Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA for my two months daughter. Since my daughter was born, I always think of
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Five Super Great Hair Brushes
Five?Super Great Hair Brushes?- personal experience sharing for everyone! Everybody who has watched?the film "Malèna" would be fascinated by the beautiful black long hair of heroine. That fascinating hair addes?extra points for sexy charm of heroine! Women who has?long hair certainly has?met?knotted
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